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Dalton Leiden campaign

Logo and campaign for a new secondary school in Leiden with Dalton education.

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We made a small campaign for Dalton Leiden with posters, flyers, a website and animations to collect signatures in the region. Dalton Leiden is a new secondary school with Dalton education that offers innovative education with a focus on future society. To be allowed to start, they need official support from parents who are interested in this initiative.


How do you create a campaign for a school that doesn’t exist yet? For a good start, we first developed the basics of an identity: the logo. With the Dalton core values in mind, we have developed a logo that is creative, flexible, quirky and modern. The different letters in the logo represent the different children who come together at school. With each child having its own character, own pace and way of working, everyone is unique, but together they form a community at school: Dalton Leiden. We’ve completed the logo with a pay-off: ‘The school that works for you’. A beautiful ambiguous sentence with which we refer, among other things, to personalized education in which every child can learn at his own pace.


In order to officially submit the plans for the school, 600 signatures must first be collected from parents with a child between 10 and 13 years old in the region. For this reason, we actively address the children’s parents in the campaign. We ask questions that concern their child and enter into a dialogue. The result is a series that consists of four campaign images in which some subjects of Dalton education are discussed. In this, the parents are stimulated to think about what education they want for their child and to activate them to sign. We have developed the series into posters, flyers and animations. Extensive information about Dalton Leiden and the link to sign as a parent can be found on the website.

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